About Us

Why Get Early? 

Hi. I’m Anthony Scoleri and I’ve spent my career delivering technology and infrastructure solutions to companies like NEC, WWWProjects, Dimension Data, Melbourne Water and more.

After selling my own company, EngageVidacom, I embarked on the journey I’d been planning for years: to combine my two knowledge areas, technology and project management – to create a virtual workspace that would make running a business, managing a project or achieving a goal that much easier.

We didn’t want to build just another software product. We wanted to build an environment, a workspace platform where people feel connected and supported, and empowered to achieve their dreams. 

Get Early, the software that my team and I developed, is by and for business and project managers. It’s an easy, intuitive way to manage your tasks, time and workflows. If you’re an executive and you want a quick snapshot of everything that’s going on – Get Early can do that. If you’re on a team and want to take the hassle out of reporting, we’ve got you covered.

Get Early is a workspace, virtual paper trail, budget, and governance system all in one – and it makes collaboration and teamwork effortless.